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Quiz: What Gigs Are For You?

Are you looking for gigs? Take this quiz to figure out what kind of gigs are right for you!

What is the threshold for considering someone a "skilled" laborer?

What trade-offs should a worker have to make for flexibility?

What does it mean to be your own boss?

What obligations do employers have to workers?

How important are employer-employee relationships to the quality of work?

How are variances in living costs accounted for in a globalized labor market?

Whose responsibility is it to ensure fair treatment of workers? Who defines "fair"?

How should new workers gain experience?

Who are the long term beneficiaries of disruptive economic models?

Is freelancing a choice?

Do more experienced workers deserve to be better compensated?

Are workers obligated to consider how their choices affect other workers in their field?

When is cheaper not better?

Is job stability necessary?

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