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15 Trials and Tribulations of the Gig to Gig Lifestyle

1. 4 gigs due by midnight… New Game of Thrones is about to start.


2. Boss wants the article on his desk by tuesday but schedules me to come to work Friday.


3. Finished 100 gigs on fiverr this month… couldn’t even pay half the rent.


4. Spent 100k to add a bachelors degree to your resume only to find you didn’t need one because you are your own boss.


5. Family asks what I do for a living… lose them after 5 minutes explaining the projects from 12 different employers you had last month.


6. Started taking Jacked 3d to write cause you have a tolerance for Red Bull.


7. Spend so much time on the internet I know more about Justin Bieber’s life than my own family’s.


8. Laughing at friends’ horrible boss stories but wishing you made half as much money.


9. Tons of traffic on the commute to work today… what commute?


10. Waited 3 weeks for a gig… 3 big ones came in at once, half assed them and didn’t get paid.


11. Get up and go to work in the same clothes I fell asleep in.


12. My best friend hacked my twitter account… now all my clients think cowboy butts drive me nuts.


13. started another part time job at a law office this week… answered my first phone call with, “thanks for calling papa john’s! Can I take your order?”


14. Gigs are like a box of chocolates.. You never know if you’re gonna be a web developer, blogger, photographer or fake reviewer next!


15. Hired to write a movie review on a flick you haven’t seen… Copy and pasted the whole thing from Rotten Tomatoes.


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