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12 Amazing Places you could be working

beach laptop

One of the greatest advantages of being a freelancer is mobility. You can get work done from anywhere as long as you have your laptop or smartphone on you. You’ll even find yourself getting work done no matter where you are, whether that’s in the comfort of your home or sitting poolside and throwing a frisbee at the dog. Freelancing keeps you flexible enough to take those once in a lifetime gigs and still get other gigs done at the same time. Don’t miss your opportunities to get work done in these fantasy “offices.”

1. Seashell House
Who wouldn’t want to do a little emailing here?

2.The Eiffel Tower
It’s a nice feeling when you get to change your email settings while on a glamorous gig in Paris.

3. A club in Ibiza
You’re bored with entertaining your clients at a crazy party in Ibiza, why not check your spam filters?

4. The NY Public Library
Get a little googling done while everyone is studying hard.

5. The Desert
Get all your brainstorming done on the long drive across the desert.

6. The World Series
If you don’t care about baseball, this is the best place to get work done.

7. A Wooden Roller Coaster
The roller coaster track will not be the only thing clacking away. Feel how much faster you can type while your whole body clacks along with the ride.

8. In a Turrell
Meditate on how you want to redesign your website while sitting in these mind blowing rooms filled with glowing fields of light.

9. A Waterfall
Bring a little saran wrap, and work on your laptop carefree. Who says you can’t get a little work done during a rainbow?

10. At A Boring Wedding
A beautiful wedding for the cousin you never met. Fulfill your family obligations while being available to your clients.

11. On The Sun
This is not a possibility … YET.

12. At McDonald’s
Fulfill your dreams of working at McDonald’s without ever having to apply for the job!

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