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11 Advantages To Working As a Freelancer

Quite recently economies are beginning to shift with many more people taking up the option of freelancing and earning money any gigs based economy rather than a wage based economy. Many people are waking up every day, logging onto their computer and then bidding on freelancing contracts where they will complete labor from their home and get paid based off of every job that they can complete rather than an hourly wage. There are a number of big advantages to looking at our economy as a gig-based economy rather than a wage based economy, and there are some big advantages to working as a freelancer. Here some of the top advantages you can experience trying freelancing.

1. You can be extremely flexible in your work


2. But you are responsible for getting things done


3. If you do good work you can earn a decent amount of money


4. If you don’t advertise your services and make yourself available you won’t be able to get paid.


5. There are lots of great skills you can offer as a freelancer which are free to learn online. You can learn how to write articles, create websites and more with lots of free tutorials.


6. With social media and word of mouth advertising it’s easy to get started completing tasks for other people as a freelancer.


7. There are even organizations that provide health benefits and retirement savings options for freelancers today.


8. You can be your own boss.


9. You can take vacation when you want.


10. You can wear whatever you want to work.


11. You can enjoy lots of job security as the marketplace for freelance work is only expanding.


Ultimately a choice to start working as a freelancer is yours. Whether you are interested in creating your own online career, or simply making a bit of extra money from home, if you have skills or the time to pick up some new skills you can showcase your online work, there are others who are willing to pay you for your time. Take some time and check out some of the bustling marketplaces for freelance work such as freelancer.com, Odesk, Fiverr, Amazon mechanical Turk and more. In no time at all you could be earning some extra money as part of the emerging gig-based economy/

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